Through the Centuries…

… a Cistercian Order

In 1753, Quinta do Pinhô was acquired by the Cistercian Order, present in the area with the imponent Santa Maria de Salzedas Monastery, a monument that is, to this day, a short distance from the farm.

As the monks produced cereals, livestock, fish, and other agriculture goods, they also built a manor, water tanks, water ways, and stoned carriage ways that are still visible today.

Quinta do Pinhô has taken great care to preserve this unique heritage, and visitors are now surrounded by the architectural singularities of that distant time period – an experience like no other.

Recovering the past.

In 1834, the Cistercians were expelled from those lands, and Quinta do Pinhô passed through various private hands, until it was left abandoned and neglected for 30 long years.

Finally, in 2013, large renovation works begun to make the estate an habitable place again, with complete respect for its unique history and the Nature that surrounds it.

Concluded in 2016, Quinta do Pinhô was recognized by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation with the prize for the second best renovation of the year.

A New Era

Nowadays, the farm tells the tale of centuries long gone, but offers the comforts of modernity, in a house that gives visitors all the privacy and peace they desire.

A fully equiped kitchen and bathrooms display the style of the past, while enjoying the comfort of the present. The monastic cells where monks once rested were transformed into larger, comfortable bedrooms, full of sunlight.

Imponent fireplaces warm the living rooms where guests can relax, read a book, or go online with the fastest fiber-based internet connection.